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Certified Equine Appraisals
Almost every trainer, breeder and experienced horseman has done an unofficial "appraisal" for a client or friend. Unfortunately, many of these appraisals are not able to be used for equine insurance policies or in court cases such as ownership disputes or divorce.

Captured Spirit offers Certified Appraisal service done by Robin Campbell, an experienced horseman and lifetime member of ASEA. The intensive training program that must be undertaken in order to become a certified appraiser is offered exclusively through the American Society of Equine Appraisers (a division of the American Society of Agricultural Appraisers). ASEA is the only nationally recognized organization that certifies Equine Appraisers. Certified Appraisals are accepted as legal documents and proof of value in all legal situations. In situations that may require legal testimony, Robin is an experienced and highly qualified expert witness and can be hired to represent and defend the valuation of any horse on which she has conducted a Certified Appraisal.

Call anytime to schedule your appraisal appointment. During this one hour (approximately) appointment the horse to be appraised will be personally inspected and evaluated for conformation, soundness and level of training. A detailed description of your horse's background, abilities, breeding history and characteristics will be completed on site. High quality digital photographs are taken and the horse's owner is asked to provide copies of the animal's registration papers, show and breeding records, training records, health documents, and other appropriate paperwork.

Over the next one to two weeks, extensive research is done in the national equine sales market in order to determine the most fair and accurate value for your animal. Breeders, trainers, sale agencies and registries will be contacted for information that will support a determined value.

You will generally receive your finished, bound copy of the final appraisal within two weeks. The appraisal will consist of 9 to 15 pages of documentation, including the complete credentials of the appraiser and details of the appraisal process. Your horse's pedigree, photo and description will be included, as well as the final appraised value.

The cost for the Certified Equine Appraisal is $350. (Additional horses, if related and residing at the same location may be appraised at a discounted price.) A mileage charge will be added at a rate of 50 cents per mile round trip. You will receive two copies of the appraisal report, and more can be ordered at any time within the next 5 years for $25 per copy (includes postage). Payment for all services is due at the time of the initial appointment.
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