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Kerry and Robin Campbell founded Captured Spirit Ranch in 2002 in East Troy, Wisconsin, and then moved the operation to its permanent home in Cato, Wisconsin in 2005. It has been a dream of many years to own and operate a quality horse ranch, focusing on raising and training one of America's original horse breeds: the Morgan. Kerry and Robin have strong Christian values, and operate the ranch based on those principles.

Thanks to very understanding parents (and years of begging!), Robin had the opportunity at a very young age to own and ride her own horse. She began with a Quarter Horse/Arabian mix mare ("Misty"), and through the years has owned and trained many breeds of horses including purebred registered Morgans, Quarter Horses, Arabians, Fjords, Friesians, Paints, and even a few Mules! Her dream of owning a breeding and training facility centered around foundation bred Morgan Horses has finally come true!
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Kerry, on the other hand, came into the horse world a little later. When Kerry and Robin met in 2002, it was a "love me, love my horse" situation. Kerry fell in love with both Robin AND her horses, and before long was an accomplished rider. Together Kerry and Robin have competed in team penning, competitive trail and versatility. Kerry has also become a skilled farrier, and now takes care of trimming hooves for all of the animals at the ranch.

Kerry and Robin both work full-time as Paramedic Instructors at the local technical college and spend the rest of their time with family and their horses. Every animal gets individual attention and are on strict feeding, training, vaccination, deworming and hoof trimming schedules.
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