Captured Spirit Ranch
 Welcome to our ranch
Captured Spirit Ranch is owned and operated by Kerry and Robin
Campbell. We raise and train registered Morgans but also provide a
home for two miniature donkeys who were "rescue cases", 3 barn cats
(who are in the house more than the barn), 11 black chickens who don't
feel much of an incination to lay eggs, and one amazingly intelligent
dog named "Cotton", who is a red heeler mix. Cotton insisted on being
on the first page (you can see her photo here), but the rest of the animals
 have information and pictures on later pages.

Captured Spirit Ranch is located in beautiful northeast Wisconsin, nestled between farmland, woods and rivers. Our log home ranch sits on just under 20 acres of land, with rolling pastures surrounded by 3 board wood fences and a few acres of woods for trail riding. Fall 2011 we built a new 40' x 72' barn and attached 70' x 100' indoor riding arena, so we finally have a place to ride and train 12 months a year!!

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Captured Spirit Ranch focuses on raising and training Morgan horses with high percentage foundation bloodlines. After more than 40 years of experience working with many different breeds of horses, we chose the Morgan horse because of their intelligence, disposition, stamina, and hardiness. We raise only a few foals every few years, so we have time to do extensive handling and ground training with each animal.

In addition to working with our Morgan horses, we also operate Captured Spirit Equine Services. Here we offer Certified Equine Appraisals and provide Equine Massage and Bodywork using the Masterson Method. Find out more about these services by clicking on their tabs.
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